Frequently Asked Questions

At Hail Medic we are invested in helping clients erase hail damage from their vehicles with our paintless dent repair services. If you need information about the process, please peruse these frequently asked questions. Ready for a repair? Contact us or get a free evaluation. We serve Denver, Dallas-Ft. Worth, and the surrounding areas.

PDR, or paintless dent repair, is a type of hail damage repair that maintains the original factory panels and original factory finish of your vehicle. It does not require major structural work, nor does it require any painting. The technique involves repeated tiny pushes on the hail dent until it disappears. It requires precision movements that slowly work out the dent without damaging the paint or other nearby parts or materials of the car.

Paintless dent repair services maintain the original factory panels and original factory finish of your vehicle. Therefore, you maintain the pre-hail value of your car, as there are no structural changes and therefore no requirement to inform Carfax.

We are the highest-volume retail paintless dent repair company in the country. Due to our superior services, we have many /referral-program/ and repeat customers from subsequent storms. This success allows us to offer incentives. We truly care about our customers and prioritize helping them during a stressful time in their lives.

Of course! We welcome our customers to tour our facility to see firsthand how we operate and repair vehicles.

The cost to repair a hail-damaged vehicle is determined by your insurance company and based on a national matrix. The matrix is in place to ensure an insurance company doesn’t overpay for repairs. Before the vehicle is approved for our program, we schedule an in-person meeting with the assigned adjuster to discuss the estimate totals. We always work on your behalf with the adjuster for a fair and honest cost so we can begin hail damage repairs.

It usually takes around seven days to receive insurance approval. When insurance approves our estimate for repairs, they email us an approved copy of the estimate. It typically takes 24 hours for us to receive it. Therefore, customers often know their vehicle is approved for repairs before we do. Once we receive approval, and only then, will we begin paintless dent repairs. On average (depending on the damage), the PDR process takes about an additional seven days, for a total of two weeks.

Your Hail Medic account representative will update you weekly via phone or text. Each week you will see where your vehicle is in our 5-step process. As completion nears, your representative will inform you and schedule the return of your vehicle and rental.

Hail Medic will contact your insurance company on your behalf and work with them concerning the rental coverages. In the rare case that your rental coverage does run out, Hail Medic will cover rental charges through the duration of the project.

The rental car company works independently of Hail Medic, and we are not in control of their processes. We encourage you to reach out directly to the rental company with any questions or consult your contract.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to your Hail Medic account representative or their manager with any questions or concerns. If your concern falls under our Lifetime Warranty, we will gladly assist in correcting any issue.

Our Proof of Repair documents our process of maintaining the original factory finish and factory panels during the repair process. This is important because when an insurance company writes an estimate, they often write it to cover the cheapest repair, which usually requires structural changes to your car — and then they submit that repair to Carfax. Our Proof of Repair details our superior process that does not include structural changes and will protect you from a negative Carfax report provided by the insurance company. Without our Proof of Repair, you would suffer a loss of resale value.

Hail Medic will issue your referral bonus once the referred vehicle’s repairs are completed. We will either hand deliver it to you or mail it through the U.S. Postal Service.

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