Why Is Paintless Dent Repair the Preferred Method vs. Conventional Repairs?

Since 2018 Hail Medic has been offering paintless dent repair services to clients, a welcome option to traditional fixes. To see if your car qualifies for this non-invasive procedure for hail damage repairs, contact us or get a free evaluation. We serve Denver, Dallas-Fort Worth, and the surrounding areas.

The Difference Between PDR Dent Removal and Conventional Repairs

Conventional Dent Repairs

Conventional repairs often require an invasive process that changes the original factory finish and panels of your vehicle.

  1. In conventional repairs, auto body shops must often replace the roof, hood, and possibly all the panels of the car to repair the damage.
  2. These after-market parts and panels then require after-market paint, which can be difficult to match, especially on older vehicles.
  3. Auto body shops then report these structural damages and repairs to Carfax, permanently devaluing your vehicle.
Pantless dent repairs for hail damaged vehicles
auto hail damage repair shop

Paintless Dent Repairs

PDR dent repair is a much less invasive service and is not required to be reported to Carfax.

  1. Professionally trained technicians in PDR shops use specialized hand tools and repeated precision movements to massage hail dents back into place.
  2. Paintless dent repair services maintain the original factory panels and original factory finish of your vehicle.
  3. We maintain the pre-hail value of your car, as there are no structural changes, and therefore no requirement to inform Carfax.

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Free Evaluation

How Our PDR Process Works



Our account representative provides a free, no-obligation evaluation of the damage to your car to see if the car qualifies for our program. No need to come to our location. We’re happy to come to you.


File a claim

If your car qualifies for PDR, we assist you in filing a comprehensive claim with your insurance company. Have you already filed a claim? We’ll determine if a supplemental inspection is required.


Complimentary rental car

Many insurance companies provide rental car reimbursement. If yours does, we’ll set it up. If not, you’ll be happy to know we’ll cover the rental cost through the duration of the repairs. We also offer valet services for a convenient drop-off process.



Watch for weekly updates on the paintless dent repairs from your account representative.



Once the repair process is complete, your representative will coordinate the return of your vehicle, along with Hail Medic’s Proof of Repair.

Why Choose Us

Zero out-of-pocket expenses.

Complimentary rental car for duration of repair. Valet services available as outlined by your representative.

No effect on your insurance rates or resale value.

We deal directly with your insurance company.

We maintain the vehicle’s factory finish and factory panels.

See our FAQs, who we are, and referral program for more information.

Auto Hail Specialist

If your car suffers damage from a hailstorm, PDR is the preferred method of repair, and Hail Medic is the preferred PDR specialist. Keep your original factory finish and the value of your car too. We also offer a lifetime warranty for as long as you own or lease the vehicle. Get a free evaluation or contact us for more information. We serve Denver and nearby cities in addition to Dallas-Fort Worth and the surrounding areas.

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