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Hail Medic FAQs

What if insurance doesn’t approve your initial estimate or supplemental estimate?
- The cost to repair the vehicle is determined by your insurance company and based off a national matrix to ensure that they don't overpay for repairs. Before the vehicle is approved, we discuss the estimate totals with the assigned adjuster in person. We work on your behalf with the adjuster for a fair and honest cost so we can begin repairs.

Can I come see where my vehicle is or will be?
- Of course! We welcome our customers in for a tour of our facility to see firsthand how we operate and repair.

How do I know when my vehicle is finished / when will it be?
- Our average turnaround time is 10-14 days but is ultimately determined by the amount of damage and speediness of your insurance company. Your HM representative will update you twice a week via phone or text. The updates will include what step of the process your vehicle is in. As completion nears your representative will let you know and schedule the return of your vehicle and rental.

My insurance says the estimate is approved, how long till I get my vehicle back?
- It usually takes around 7 days to receive approval from insurance. When insurance approves our estimate for repairs, they email us an approved copy of the estimate. It takes typically 24hrs to receive meaning in most cases you, the customer, knows their vehicle is approved for repairs before we do. Once we receive approval, and only then, we will begin PDR. On average (depending on the damage) the PDR process takes around 7 days as well.

Insurance called me and said my rental is running out. What happens now?
- Hail Medic will contact your insurance company on your behalf and work with them about the rental coverages. In the rare case that your rental coverage does run out, HM will cover rental charges up until the vehicle is finished.

When will I get my rental deposit back?
- We at Hail Medic are not in control of the rental car company and how their processes work. We encourage you to reach out directly to where the vehicle was rented from for any questions.

What happens if I notice something wrong after I get my vehicle back?
- Please do not hesitate to reach out to your HM representative or their manager with any questions or concerns. If your concern falls under our Lifetime Warranty, we will gladly assist in correcting any issue.

When do I get my bonus for referring customers to HM?
- Hail Medic will issue your referral bonus once the referred vehicle is at our shop. We will either hand deliver it to you or send it in the mail.

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