Hail Medic’s Lifetime Warranty

At Hail Medic, we guarantee that the paintless dent repair (also referred to as paintless dent removal or PDR) performed on your vehicle by our team will last as long as you own or lease your vehicle. We guarantee the following:


None of the hail dents and dings removed from your vehicle’s damaged panels through the paintless dent repair performed by Hail Medic will return.


The paintless dent repair performed on your vehicle by Hail Medic will not cause or result in any defects in the integrity, alignment, or functionality of the panels from which the dents were removed.


The paintless dent repair performed on your vehicle by Hail Medic will not produce any defects related to the paint finish, including shine gloss deterioration, blistering, peeling, or wrinkling.

In the unlikely event that the paintless dent removal performed on your hail-damaged vehicle by Hail Medic is found to be defective, you are covered under our comprehensive auto hail repair warranty. We will repair your vehicle at our place of business, free of charge.

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Warranty Exclusions

  1. Normal wear and tear. When repairing hail damage on your vehicle, we will not repair damage due to normal wear and tear, including damage to your panels and paint finish. Nor will we repair damage caused by corrosion, rust, or other elements. These types of damage are not covered under this warranty.
  2. Previous damage. All previous damage not associated with the paintless dent removal performed on your vehicle by Hail Medic is not covered under this warranty.
  3. Sale or lease. In the event of a sale or lease termination of your vehicle on which we fixed the hail damage, the date of such sale or lease termination is the date that the Hail Medic warranty for auto hail repair expires.
  4. Stripes and decals. Decorative stripes and decals on your hail-damaged vehicle, including those from the original equipment manufacturer, are excluded from the Hail Medic warranty. However, we will still do our best to repair your vehicle’s hail-damaged decorative stripes and decals.
  5. Subsequent hailstorms and damage. This warranty shall become void if the vehicle on which we fix the hail damage is subject to a subsequent hailstorm, or if Hail Medic determines and verifies that the subsequent damage differs from the damage on the original auto hail repair order.
  6. Supplementation. This warranty may not be supplemented, qualified, or interpreted by any other oral representation, written representation, or prior course of dealing. This warranty shall be void if the hail damage repaired vehicle is altered, adjusted, or tampered with by any person or entity not authorized by Hail Medic. This warranty is nontransferable.

Why Choose Us?

Zero out-of-pocket expenses.

Complimentary rental car for duration of repair. Valet services available as outlined by your representative.

No effect on your insurance rates or resale value.

We deal directly with your insurance company.

We maintain the vehicle’s factory finish and factory panels.

At Hail Medic, we stand behind our work with our lifetime warranty. If you have any questions, contact us for more information or get a free evaluation now. We serve Denver and nearby cities in addition to Dallas-Fort Worth and the surrounding areas.

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